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Putting your fitness first.

Exercise and training is meant to build strength, increase endurance, improve your overall physical health, and balance your mental wellness. The Wolff’s Den Private Health and Fitness Center offers the right mixture of training and instruction that produces the results you want. All of our workouts and warm-ups are scaled to suit your individual athletic abilities and fitness levels.

The Wolff's Den Private Health and Fitness Center, Personal Training Way

Every workout is designed to be different and extremely challenging. Whether you are seasoned with functional training or just getting your feet wet, our personal training sessions and group classes will take your endurance and fitness to new heights!

About Us

Establish a happier, healthier lifestyle with personal fitness training at The Wolff’s Den Private Health and Fitness Center, a neighborhood gym in Ridgefield, New Jersey. Whether seeking to get into shape or enhance your strength, power, and endurance for competition, we have a course just for you. All training sessions are customized specifically for you. Advanced athlete workouts are capped around 20 to 25 minutes for your safety and well-being.

Safety means everything to us, which is why we focus on form and technique as well as take the time to educate clients on our workouts. Supported by more than 10 years of experience, we are committed to creating long term results and maintaining a positive atmosphere to help you reach your specific fitness goals.